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Tahun 2010

Penulis NO. Tajuk Penerbitan Tajuk Jurnal No. Volume No. Isu Muka Surat
  1 Effect of pre-germination time of brown rice on serum cholestrol levels of hypercholesterolaemic rats Journal of the Science Food and Agriculture 90 - 245-251
Prof. Dr. Mohd Yazid Abdul Manap 2 In vitro binding of mutagenic heterocyclic aromatic amines by Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum G4 Beneficial Microbes 1 2 149-154
  3 Selected microbial groups and short-chain fatty acids profile in a simulated chicken cecum supplemented with two strains of Lactobacillus Poultry Science 89 3 470-476
  4 Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in grilled meat Food Control 21 - 606-610
  5 Dietary exposure to heteocyclic amines in high-temperature cooked meat and fish in Malaysia Food Additives and Contaminants 27 8 1060-1071
  6 Determinationof acrylamide in banana based snack by gas chromotograpghy-mass spectrometry International Food Research Journal 17 - 433-439
  7 Sensory attribute of dishes containing shrimp paste with different concentration of glutamate and 5'-nucleotides. Appetite 55 2 238-244
  8 Sulfonide determination in chicken meat products from Malaysia. International Food Research Journal 17 - 885-892
  9 Effect of gamma radiation on reduction of mycotoxins in black pepper. Food Control 21 - 1388-1393
  10 Demand for food safety attributes for vegetables in Malaysia. Environment Asia 3 Special
Prof. Dr. Jinap Selamat 11 Methylmercury in marine fish from Malaysia waters and its relationship to total mercury content. International Journal of Enviromental Analytical Chemical 90 10 812-820
  12 Role of carboxypeptidases to the free amino acid composition, methylpyrazine formation and sensory characteristic of under fermented cocoa beans. International Food Research Journal 17 - 763-774
  13 Validationof the procedure for the simultaneous determination of aflatoxins ochratoxin A and zearalenone in cereals using HPLC-FLD Food Additives and Contaminants 27 - 1683-1693
  14 Aflatoxin in Raw Peanut Kernels Marketed in Malaysia. Journal of Food and Drug Analysis 8 1 44-50
  15 Natural occurance of ochratoxin A contamination in commercial black and white pepper products. Mycopathologia 170 4 251-258
  16 Glutamate .Its applications in food and contribution to health Appetite 55 1 1-10
  17 Biomagnifications of mercury and methylmercury in tuna and mackerel. Environmental monitoring and assessment 171 - 205-217
Prof. Dr. Jamilah Bakar 18 Fat uptake evaluation in fried fish fillet by using Scanning Electron Microsscopy (SEM). Iranian Journal of Fisheries Science 9 2 327-336
  19 Biogenic amine changes in barranundi (Lates calcarifer) slices stored at 0 °C and 4 °C Food Chemistry 119 - 467-470
  20 Highly thermostable extracellular lipase-producing Bacilus strain isolated from a Malaysian hotspring and identified using 16S rRNA gene sequencing. Internation Food Research Journal 17 - 45-53
Prof.Dr. Nazamid Saari 21 Nutritional composition and oil fatty acids of kundur [Benincasa Hispida (Thunb.) Cogn.] seed. Pakistan Journal of Botany 42 5 3247-3255
  22 Level of chemical and microbiological contaminations in  chili bo (paste). Journal Food Protection 73 3 541-546
  23 Melt Production and Antimicrobial Effeciency of Low-Density Polyethylene (LPDE)- Silver Nanocomposite Film. Food Bioprocess Technology 10 - 1-10
  24 The Effect of polyethylene on the Characteristics of Kenaf Cellulose/Low-Density Polyethylene Biocomposite. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 47 - 292-297
Prof.Dr. Russly Abdul Rahman 25 Comparison of different extraction methods for the extraction of major bioactive flavanoid compounds
from spearmint (Mentha spicata L.) leaves.
Food and Bioproducts Processing 1 - 1-6
  26 Characterization and Biocompatibility Properties of silver Nanoparticles produced using short chain polyethylene glycol. Journal of Nano Research  10 - 29-37
  27 Application of gaseous ozone to inactive bacillus cereus in processed rice. Journal of Food Process Engineering - - 1-13
  28 Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of bioactive flavonoid from Strobilanthes crispus (Pecah Kaca) Food and bioproduct engineering  88 - 319-326
  29 Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in food. International Food Research Journal 17 - 1-11
  30 Occurance and antibiotic resistance of Campylobacter Jejuni and Campylobacter coli in ratail broiler chicken. International Food Research Journal 17 - 247-255
  31 Prevalence and Quantification of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Raw Salad Vegetables at Retail Level. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnolology 20 2 391-396
Prof. Dr. Son Radu 32 Quantification of Listeria monocytogenes in salad
 vegetables by MPN-PCR.
International Research food Journal 17 - 281-286
  33 Phenotypic MicroArray(PM)profiles (carbon sources and sensitivity to osmolytes and pH) of Campylobacter jejuni ATCC 33560 in response to temperature. International Research food Journal 17 - 837-844
  34 Molecular typing of Aeromonas using RAPD and ERIC-PCR fingerprinting. International Research food Journal 17 - 691-698
  35 The scenario of Norovirus Contamination in Food and Food Handlers. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnolology 20 2 229-237
  36 Listeria monocytogenes in raw salad vegetables sold at retail level in Malaysia. Food Control 21 - 774-778
Prof.Madya Dr. Azizah Abdul Hamid 37 Total phenolic compounds, flavonoids, and radical scavenging activity of 21 selected tropical plants Journal of Food Science  75 1 C28
  38 Methods for precise molecular detection of probiotic microflora : using adjustment molecular biology protocols, promer sets and PCR assays Biotechnology 9 1 25-32
  39 The impact of the level of the intestinal short chain fatty acids in imflammatory bowel diesease patients versus healthy subjects Open Biochemistry Journal 4 1 53-58
  40 The Inhibition of human phatogens : Tryhophyton rubrum and trichoderma harzianum by a natural product American Journal of Biochemistry  and
6 1 40-46
  41 Detection of vibrio cholerea in raw cockles (Anadara granosa) by polymerase chain reaction International Food Research Journal 17   675-680
  42 In vitro immunogenic and immunostimulatory effects of zwitterionized 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine compared with nonzwitterionized vaccine Current Therapeutic Research 71 1 60-77
Prof. Madya Dr. Fatimah Abu Bakar 43 Detection and qualification of probiotic bacteria using optimized DNA extraction, traditional and real-time PCR methods in complex microdbial communities African Journal of Biotechnology 9 10 1481-1492
  44 Novel epstein-barr virus immunoglobulin G-based approach for the specific detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. American journal of otalaryngology 31 6 410-417
  45 Comparative study on the effectiveness of acetaminophen and diclofenac pretreatment in the
relief of acute pain after out-patient surgery.
Euopean Journal Of Dentistry and Medicine 1 1 1-10
  46 The clinical and environmental spread and diversity of toxigenic Clostridium difficile diarrhea in the region of the middle east. Reviews in Infection 1 4 180-187
  47 Association of Helicobacter pylori with colorectal cancer development Asian Biomedicine 4 4 609-618
  48 Antimicrobial susceptibility, plasmid profiles, and RAPD-PCR typing of Acinetobacter bacteria. Asian Biomedicine 4 6 901-911
  49 Novel approach of vaccination against Brucella aborus 544 based on a combination fusion proteins, human serum albumin and Brucella abortus Lipopolysaccharides. Journal of Biological Sciences 1 1 1-10
  50 Molecular detection, quantification, and isolation of Streptococcus gallolyticus basteria colonizing colorectal tumors: inflammation-driven potential of carcinogenesis via IL-1, COX-2 and IL-8  Molecular cancer 9 - 249
  51 Incidence of Extended spectrum beta-lactamase producing pseudomonas aeruginosa and frequency of OXA-2 and OXA-10 genes. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciencces 4 8 3202-3207
  52 Aplication of headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromathografy for the analysis of furfural in crude palm oil Journal of The American Oil Chemist's Society 87 - 607-613
Prof. Madya Dr. Abdul Azis Ariffin 53 Efect of Blending and Emulsification on Thermal Behavior, Solid Fat Content, and Microstructure Properties of Palm Oil-Based Margarine Fats. Journal of Food Science  0 - C1-C10
  54 Change in the quality characteristics of white bread made using different shortening formulations during storage. World applied sciences Journal 10 2 121-128
  55 The influence of Different Formulation of Palm Oil/ Palm Stearin-Based Shortenings on the quality of white bread. Middle-East Journal Of Scientific Research 5 6 469-476
Prof. Madya Dr. Mohammad Reza Mozafari 56 Nano silver-coated polypropylene water filter: I. manufacture by electron beam gun using a modified blazers 760 machine. Digest Journal of nanomaterials and Biostructures 5 3 787-796
  57 Nano silver-coated polypropylene water filter: II. Evaluation of antimicrobial effeciency. Digest Journal of nanomaterials and Biostructures 5 3 797-804
  58 Effect of processing conditions on physicochemical properties of astaxanthin nanodispersions Food Chemistry  123 2 477-483
  59 Optimization of supercritical fluid extraction of phytosterol from roselle seeds with a central composite design model Food and Bioproducts Processing  88 2-3 239-246
  60 Palm-Based Functional Lipid Nanodispersions: Preparation, Characterization and Stability Evaluation Eur.J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 112 5 557-564
  61 Effect of polyoxyethylene sorbitan esters and sodium caseinate on physicochemical properties of palm-based functional lipid nanodispersions International journal of Food sciences and Nutrion 61 4 417-424
  62 Effect of frying process on fatty acid composition and iodine value of selected vegetable oils and there blends International Food Research Journal 17 2 295-302
  63 Enzymatic Synthesis of Medium- and Long-Chain Triacylglycerols (MLCT): Optimization of Process Parameters Using Response Surface Methodology Food Bioprocess Technology  3 2 288-299
Prof. Madya Dr. Tan Chin Ping 64 Effects of binary solvent extraction system, extraction time and extraction temperature on phenolic antioxidants and antioxidant capacity from mengkudu (Morinda citrifolia)  Food Chemistry  120 1 290-295
  65 Chemical composition and DSC thermal properties of two species of Hylocereus cacti seed oil: Hylocereus undatus and Hylocereus polyrhizus  Food Chemistry  119 4 1326-1331
  66 Extraction of tocopherol- enriched oils from Kalahari melon and roselle seeds by supercritical fluid extraction (SFE-CO2) Food Chemistry  119 3 1278-1283
  67 Optimization of drum drying processing parameters for production of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) powder using response surface methodology  LWT-Food Sci. Technol.  43 2 343-349
  68 Effect of vegetables-based oil blends on physicochemical properties of oils during deep-fat frying American Journal of food Technology 5 5 310-323
  69 Equilibrium headspace analysis of volatile flavor compounds extrcted from soursop (Annona muricata) using solid phase microextraction Food Research International 43 - 1267-1276
  70 Discrimination of orange beverage emulsions with different formulations using multivariate analysis. Journal Sci Food Agric 90 8 1308-1316
  71 Extraction and characterization of dietary fiber from coconut residue Journal of Food Agriculture and 
8 2 172-177
  72 Modified starches and their usages in selected food products : A review study Journal of Agricultural Science 2 2 90-100
Prof. Madya Dr. Kassim Ali Abbas 73 A review on factors affecting drying process of pisthachio and their impact on product's quality Journal of Agricultural Science 2 1 3-11
  74 The significance Of Glass Transition Temperature in processing of Selected Fried Food Product: A review Modern Applied Science 4 5 3-11
  75 Effect of malting conditions and quality characteristics of malt and roasted malt extract from 'acha' grains (Digitaria exilis stapf) Journal of the Science Food and Agriculture 90 - 850-860
Prof. Madya Dr. Lasekan Olusegun 76 Analysis of volatile flavour compounds and acrylamide in roasted Malaysia tropical almond (Terminalia catappa) nuts using supercritical fluid extraction. Food and Chemical Toxilogy 48 - 2212-2216
  77 Significance and application of psychometric chart in food processing: A review. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 8 - 3-4
  78 Recent advance, advantages and limitations of genetically modified foods: A review Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 8 2 232-236
  79 Flavour chemistry of palm toddy and palm juice: A review Trend in Food Science and Technology 2 - 1-8
  80 Fatty acid compositions of fish oil extraction from different parts of indian markerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) using various techniques of supercritical CO2
Food Chemistry 120 - 879-885
Prof.Madya Dr. Zaidul Islam Sarker 81 Optimization of arecoline extraction from areca nut using supercritical carbon dioxide Journal of food and drugs Analysis 18 1 1-7
  82 Extraction of fish oil from the skin of Indian mackerel using supercritical fluids Journal of Food Engineering 99 - 63-69
  83 Factors affecting milk consumtion among school children in urban and rural areas of Selangor, Malaysia International Food Research Journal 17 - 651-660
Prof. Madya Dr. Muhammad Shahrim Ab. Karim 84 Culinary Tourism as a Destination Attraction: An Empirical Examination of Destination' Food Image Journal of Hospitality Marketing and management 19 - 531-555
  85 Malaysia as a Culinary Tourism Destination: International Tourists' Perspective. Journal of Tourism, Hospitality & Culinary Arts 1 - 67-78
  86 Relationship between Food Image, Tourist Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intention  World  Applied Sciences Journal  10 - 164-171
Dr. Noranizan Mohd Adzahan 87 Physicochemical and sensory properties of a traditional chili shrimp paste Journal of Food agriculture & Enviroment 8 1 38-40
  88 Formulation and process improvement for chili shrimp paste using sensory evaluation. International Food Research Journal 17 - 927-936
Dr. Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin 89 Review
  article phytase : application in food industry
International Food Research Journal 17 - 13-21
Dr. Farinazleen Mohamad Ghazali 90 A study on Campylobacter jejuni cross-contamination during chilled broiler preparation. International Food Research Journal 17 - 107-115
  91 Thermophylic Campylobacter spp. Occurrence on chicken at farm, slaughter house and retail. International journal of Poultry Science 9 2 134-138
Prof. Madya Dr. Faridah Abas 92 LC-DAD-ESI-MS analysis of nitric  oxide inhabitory
fractions of tenggek burung (Melicope ptelefolia Champ. Ex Benth.)
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 23 - 107-117
  93 Evaluation of equalibrium headspace concentration of orange beverage emulsion by using solid phase microextraction (SPME) during storage Journal of Food agriculture & Enviroment 8 2 297-303
  94 Principle component analysis of equilibrium headspace concentration of bavarage emulsion as function of main emulsion components Journal of Food agriculture & Enviroment 8 2 126-133
Prof. Madya Dr. Seyed Hamed Mirhosseini 95 Effect of various hydrocolloids physicochemical characteristics of orange bavarage emulsion Journal of Food agriculture & Enviroment 8 2 308-313
  96 Influence of pectin and CMC content on physicochemical properties of orange bavarage emulsion Journal of Food agriculture & Enviroment 8 2 134-139
  97 Multivariate analysis discrimination of various cold-pressed lemon oils from different geographical regions  Journal of Food, Agriculture and Enviroment 8 2 117-121
  98 Effect of frying Condition on Physicochemical Properties of Palm Olein-Olive Oil Blend. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Enviroment 8 2 175-178
  99 Effect of Saturated/Unsaturated Fatty Acid Ratio on Physicochemical Properties of Palm Olein-Olive Oil Blend. Journal of Americaan Oil Chemists' Society 87 - 255-262
  100 Application of two dimensional thin layer chromatography pattern comparison for fingerprinting the active compounds in the leaves of vitex trifolia linn
possessing anti-tracheospasmolytic activity
Journal of Liquid Chromatography and Related Technologies 33 - 214-224
Prof. Madya Dr. Alfi Khatib 101 Isolation of individual hop iso- a-acids stereoisomers by B-cyclodextrin Food Chemistry 119 - 354-357
  102 Cannabinoid CB1 receptor binding and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of sceletium
tortuosul L.
International Food Research Journal 17 - 349-355
  103 The application of B-Cyclodextrin to separate cis-from trans-iso-acids in an isomerized hop extract American Society of Brewing Chemist Journal 68 1 16-21
Dr. Abdul Karim Sabo Mohammad 104 Suitability of viscosity measurement for liquid food variety and applicability in food industry- A review. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Enviroment. 8 3&4 100-107
  105 Sensory and Physicochemical Qualities of Palm Olein and Sesame Seed Oil Blends during Frying of Banana Chips. Journal of Agricultural Science 2 4 18-29
  106 Servicescape Failure and Recovery Strategy in Food Service Industry: The Effect on Customer Repatronization. Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism 11 - 179-198
Prof. Madya Dr. Mohhidin Othman 107 Using Critical Incident Technique to Identify the Effect of Servicescape Failure and The Effectiveness of Recovery Strategy on Dining Experience. SEGI Review 3 1 152-170
  108 Total factor productivity effeciency changes in a Malaysian hotel chain International Journal Revenue Management  4 3&4 327-343
  109 Effect of heat treatment on the physico-chemical properties of starch from different botanical source International Food Research Journal 17 - 127-135
En.Dzulkifly Mat Hashim 110 Potential use of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy for differentiation of bovine and porcine gelatins Journal of Food research 118 - 856-860
  111 Effect of thermal processing and storage condition on the flavour stability of spray-dried durian powder LWT-Food Science and Technology 43 - 856-861
Prof. Madya Badlishah Sham Baharin 112 Desorption of vitamin E from silica-packed fixed-bed column by isopropanol International Journal of Food Engineering 6 5 -
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