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Jumaat - 04 September 2015
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Pusat Penyelidikan Keselamatan Makanan (FOSREC)
FOSREC, formerly known as the Centre of Excellence  in Food Safety (CEFSR) was established in   August 2008. Despite its  relatively short history, FOSREC has emerged as one of the top  research centre in the university. This is evidenced by its accomplishments in  contributing to the development in research and knowledge, through its research  and publication and its member’s  involvement in regulatory, standard and extension / consultancy activities  related to food safety in Malaysia. FOSREC research project is financially  supported by grants from the university, government, non-profit organization, and  international organization. FOSREC also has a wide networking both at local and  international levels.  It has attracted  collaborations with renowned universities and other organisations in the effort  of supporting the advancement of food safety knowledge from the developing  region.

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Pusat Penyelidikan Keselamatan Makanan (FOSREC)
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