M.Sc/PhD in Food Safety

The food production network is a very complex system in which the risk of hazards from foods is real. Therefore the use and application of higher technical expertise is necessary in the food industry. The food industry is now confronted with the farm-to-table food safety approach. There is an increased need for experts in food safety who are able to carry out monitoring and evaluation of microbiological, chemical and physical parameters for product safety. The purpose of this field is to prepare candidates with the relevant theory and technical knowledge to conduct research in the area of food safety. The student will be able to understand in more detail issues that include pathogen, chemical hazard and GMO related to food safety. Student will be exposed to current information regarding the status, determination, effect of processing, as well as the application of HACCP quality management and risk assessment of specific food.

M.Sc/PhD in Food Science

The field of food science includes food chemistry and biochemistry, functional foods, food microbiology, food enzymes and other related fields. Students can select from a range of courses to meet individual needs and specialization preferences and undertake a research project within the area of food science which will include food enzymology, physico-chemical and functional properties of food carbohydrates, food lipids, food proteins and other polymers, flavor encapsulation, nutrition, functional foods, and food microbiology. Firm understanding in molecular interactions, food composition, interaction within foods, microorganism and its environment, and physico-chemical properties of food systems can be utilized in explaining the nutritional and quality changes of the foods.

M.Sc/PhD in Food Technology

This field offers challenging graduate courses and research to candidates who are keen at improving their knowledge in food technology. Students will be exposed to current issues in this field and the program allows students to focus their interest in food processing (thermal and non-thermal), food engineering (food process and equipment design), food nanotechnology, food product development, food packaging, super critical fluid extraction and postharvest technology.

M.Sc/PhD in Food Biotechnology

This field aims to prepare the candidate with knowledge in relevant theories and technical know-how that would enable the student to conduct research in the field of food biotechnology. The student should be able to understand and discuss the importance of various biotechnology processes in the production of foods and food bioingredients, food bioprocessing, and analysis of food components, but also be able to apply them principles and concepts of the various technologies in their research. In addition, the student would also acquire an insight into the roles that modern biotechnology play in food security through the production of transgenic food or genetically modified foods, and in the improvement of food and food ingredients for the industry, acceptance and trade of genetically modified foods, and law, and regulations that regulate the use of biological catalysts, microorganisms, and plants (modified or otherwise) in food system, and any prevailing issues in biotechnology-food relationship.

M.Sc/PhD in Food Management

This field offers innovative, dynamic and challenging experience to aspiring individuals who are keen to increase their knowledge and skills in food management disciplines and also provides hands-on research opportunities for students to develop their skills. This field  allows students to carry out their research in food management areas such as service quality, organizational culture, human resource management,  service scape failure and associated recovery strategies, organizational efficiency, brand image, product development, food marketing and consumers behavior.

M.Sc/PhD in Food Service Management

This field is designed to prepare graduates for advanced careers in the food service and hospitality industries. This field also prepares candidates for teaching and research in the field of hospitality/food service such as college/university lecturers or hospitality field consultants. Related research areas are restaurant management, restaurant design and layout, menu planning, food culture, food tourism, culinary and gastronomic, cultural heritage, and sustainable food. 



M.Sc with tesis

An applicant with good achievement in Bachelor of Science with CGPA at least 2.75 from UPM or other institutions that qualified by UPM.  Applicant without sufficient academic qualification but possessing evidence of adequate related research or work experience may also eligible. A student in the final semester of undergraduate study may apply for provisional admission, provided his current CGPA satisfies the programme requirement.

PhD with tesis

An applicant with good achievement in Master Science from UPM or other institutions that qualified by UPM.  An applicant with an outstanding Bachelor’s degree with CGPA 3.75 and above or equivalent to first class honours also can apply for direct admission into PhD degree programme, but with condition. An applicant must pass one year of attempt admission. If qualify, applicant can apply for conversion.






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